We believe in celebrating the art of the book in all its forms.

A mobile station of literary inspiration, the Bluebird Books Bus brings book giveaways, typewriter poetry, live readings, artist resource libraries, zines and other printed matter directly into the community on a converted school bus. It’s a vehicle where readers of all ages can explore the written word.

We like to tell stories. We promote literacy and craft. We are driving a mobile station of inspiration. Climb aboard!

01-Bluebird Books owner Mitzi Gordon

About the founder:

Mitzi Gordon is a writer, editor, artist, and curator based in St. Petersburg, Florida. Founded in 2011, the Bluebird Books Bus grew from her lifelong love affair with books and writing. She holds a journalism degree from New York University and doesn’t sleep very much. Learn more about her story and motivations in this exposition, or send an email if you just want to chat.